...if your church has, or if considering, a "Jail Ministry"     "This seminar gives me hope that has teeth in it" - one offender said.

You can understand and escape the nightmare of "baseline living" by learning how to Think, Act, and React differently... than ever before. 
Our seminars show people how to truly change their perspectives, priorities, actions and reactions and to discover their God-given purpose.
Each seminar is more than a "ho-hum, sit and listen" seminar. Each one is amazingly effective at enhancing any God-desiged relationship!

  Jailed & "outside" relationships     Family Relationsihips       Marriage Relationships        Church Relationships         Workplace Relationships

But there is hope!

       There are two ways to live in a relationship with others.
One way leads to discouragement, anger, bitterness and worse... 
"living on the baseline is where relationships suffer!"