In 2006 we began teaching "The Great Escape!". The change brought about in many was amazing. Over the following months the thinking of many of those who attended the seminar changed. They learned how to think, act, and react differently than they ever had before. Their change was so remarkable and lasting, we decided to keep teaching "The Great Escape!". Ten years later and with many souls who have given their lives to God, we believe God wants us to make this seminar available everywhere.



Baseline Living

Life as God Designed it

Our Premier Seminar is 
"The Great Escape"
The result?
Rising far above the baseline and living as we were meant to in the first place.

2 Peter 1:4-7

This seminar works! It changes lives... permanently. When people learn to think, act, and react differently they begin living differntly; productively, peacefully, lovingly!  As one seminar attendee said, "This seminar gives me hope with teeth in it!" - Josh B. 

(It's our choice how we want to live!)