"2nd Chances provides a life-changing service for individuals that have made the wrong choices in life. Some people fall between the cracks for a number of reasons and end up incarcerated. 2nd Chances is the ray of hope that guides Work Release offenders into a new perspective of faith-based decision making that helps them make the right choices for their future. Dan and Karen Ledford and their team are dedicated to helping guide people to reach their potential and live self-sustaining lives. Supporting this non-profit with donations brings light, self-respect and hope for people that otherwise would not have a second chance." - Allen Rankin, Publisher, Memphis Tennessee

     -Basic Financial Management
     -Basic Legal Rights
     -Basic Family Dynamics
     -Basic Nutrition
     -Basic Preemptive Forgiveness
     -Basic Elements of Making Good Decision    


What We're Doing NOW In Local Work Release and County Jails!
For all of 2016/2017 we focused only on the offenders in  LOCAL Work Release Programs and County Jails to help them to learn to THINK DIFFERENTLY! We will continue those efforts and with our plan to expand across Alabama and the United States this year and in the years to come. At this time we are blessed to be able to teach 7 different seminars inside Work Release Facilities and to teach life changing seminars in the local county jail:

                                      In 2018 we have been able to add another seminar
-"Worthless!" - an 8 week seminar that helps attendees understand they are NOT worthless! 

There is so much more on the way in 2018!