2nd Chances (a division of Transform Seminars) has developed the "Hope Bike" initiative for the residents of a local "Work Release" program in Houston County, Alabama. We are committed to helping those who demonstrate they want to help themselves by being model residents of the Work Release facility which includes attending the "self-help" classes available to them through 2nd Chances. 

Hope Bikes are assigned to those who qualify. Many of the residents of Work Release walk to work, sometimes 3 and four miles away. With Hope Bikes they can get to work on time and have a little more energy for the day and they can return to the Work Release facility and have the energy to not only attend self-help classes but to get something out of them too!

Perhaps the best aspect of the Hope Bikes initiative is that every bike is brand new and paid for by a member of the community! They are stepping up and saying, "We are willing to help you as long as you are willing to help yourself."

Click the image for a video report from
WTVY, Dothan, Alabama.