GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- Few police officers and convicted criminals can call themselves the best of friends. But that's the story in Grand Prairie where an ex-con-turned-successful business man is thanking the officer who finally ended his run from the law.

The streets of Grand Prairie were once the playground of a young man named Keenan Williams, a high school dropout whose mugshots could fill their own book. He was a drug dealer, a crack addict, and an armed robber who was arrested and jailed 45 times. He was sentenced to prison... and that is when his life changed.

Now Keenan is a successful business owner, entreprenuer, and high demand motivational speaker. He has a title for the seminar he provides "From the Prison to the Palace". From schools, police academies, civic groups and churches and more, Keenan tells his story of redemption and success in a highly motivational and inspiring way. Listening to him changes lives... permanently!