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June 10, 2017: Broken and Contrite Hearts ARE being reached on the LOCAL level of County Jails and Work Release Programs!!
1.) We're teaching in the County Jail now and what started with 7 imates has grown to 12 last Saturday evening.
2.) We will soon be teaching them WITHIN the local Work Release facility as part of a required "Pre-Release" educational program.
3.) We are teaching a specialized class on Sunday mornings.
4.) We are now teaching in a Behavioral Center where troubled teens are housed.
5.) We are in the process of training new seminar presenters and getting ready to expand our reach to neighboring counties.
6.) We have eight volunteers and are looking for more.

                                            August 17th, 2017 - Transform Seminars is officially 1-year-old! 
Our birthday cake is a two layerd one: The Houston County Jail and the Houston County Work Release program. The icing on the cake is the interest of others in what we are doing here in Dothan, Alabama. The "candles on the cake" are the 27+ souls we have been able to reach through our seminars. Your gifts are appreciated!!

For those who have supported us with encouragement, prayer, and financial gifts - we can only hope you know how deeply we appreciate it!
More importantly though is how much of a difference you are making when it comes to offenders who truly want a second chance! 

Your help gives each offender nearing release the opportunity to participate in 6 different FAITH BASED seminars that will help them to stay free and not return to jail. Most importantly, they begin the journey of having God in their lives! Together, we are making a difference!
                                                                                That's worth celebrating!

July 13th, 2017: As of today, June 13th, (TODAY) Transform Seminars has been teaching the inmates of the Huston County Jail for 2 months!!

When we started we had 7 men in attendance. They were reluctant to attend on a Saturday night. Every day and night in the county jail there are volunteer groups teaching men/women. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. But Transform Seminars has an advantage.

We have a man who is teaching each class who has been in the county jail five times. He is a double felon. (Usually felons don't get to go back into a jail they have been released from... unless they are arrested again.) His name is Louis. He was addicted the crack cocain, alcohol, marijuana, etc. He robbed anyone he could to support his habit. He has been shot by a drug dealer who wanted to rob him. Louis has been through a nightmarish existance as he lived on what we call the "baseline" of life.

He can relate on an entirely different level with those who attend the Saturday night class he teaches. Louis is a Transform Seminars volunteer. In 2006, after attending some of the seminars we conduct, he gave his life to God... no strings attached! Since then he has become a teacher in Sunday morning and night Bible classes. In his heart he is committed to helping those who, as he puts it, "Just don't understand what they're doing to themselves", i.e., living in the darkness of addictions and crime.

Some of the original 7 men that came to our first class two months ago have left the county jail. New inmates have come in to the point that last Saturday evening, we had 17 men listening to Louis... and we mean LISTENING! If you ever are privileged enough to meet Louis you will not meet a Bible thumping, wide-eyed religious fanatic. He's a loving, gentle, and giving man who cares about people! We're proud to have him on our team!